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Nintendo Part 4 - Rejected

I got a letter back from Gail over at Nintendo North America.
Also sorry for the delay I've been really cracking at my senior design project and I should be going beta this next week. So I could use a few "testers" once I get some server space.

and on to the email:

Dear Greg

The concept is great, but sorry, we can't participate.

Best of luck to you,

Gail Tilden
Nintendo of America

Wow... Wiijected. I mean I'm sure they are busy but the automated response had more feeling than this. I'm not in the mood to quit so I might return to them in the next few weeks. I should *really* have a new request out this coming week. I'm thinking based on the suggestions of many that I should hit up some record labels, or even bands themselves. So keep an eye out for that.

On a personal note thanks:
For adding me back!

Also if any readers are located in Cincinnati, I think I recognized a few of you at Christies Karaoke on thursday.


Nintendo Part 3 - A New Request

Sorry for the delay, I've been knee deep in my senior design project, but today I decided to take a break and try Nintendo again.

Details and the email under the cut.Collapse )

Russell Stover - Update

I got this email from Cari @ Stover's today:

Hi Greg-

I'm glad you and your friend enjoyed the chocolates. It's always fun to hear what people think, even if they don't like everything. We've got some even crazier flavors if you can believe it. In any case, all are on sale now via the web. I'm putting up the New Products link this weekend and you'll be able to find everything we've rolled out (the Soho is available on the Whitman's side of things). I think the prices are really affordable, too.

Good luck with the blog-

Click Here for the product page!

So internet sales will start this weekend for everyone that wants to pick some up.

Later -

Russell Stover - The Chocolate Is Here


The Russell Stover package came by UPS yesterday.
Pictures of the chocolate goodness under the cut!Collapse )

Russell Stover - Missed Package


So looks like I missed my package from Russell Stover's yesterday. I will be chained to my abode from 2:00 - 5:00 EST today to see what I got. More pictures and an update later!

Some of you might have questions:

For everyone that is wondering why I added you as a friend -

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Russell Stover Part 2 - The Goods

The lovely men and women of Russell Stover's have responded to my request. Specifically Cari an E-Commerce manager for Russell Stover's Candies. Again I am amazed by the quickness of their response. When I started this I never thought I'd get responses back so quick, I envisioned waiting and waiting and resending requests ad infinitum. You know companies are on the right track when they take the time to write a personal response back to the "little guy".

From: Cari
Subject: A Request From a Fan of Your Candies

Hi Greg-

First, I appreciate your blogging efforts. I saw you just started, so I can only imagine what it will look like in a year or two. In any case, I have sent you a couple of our products. One is a new product by Whitman's (which we own) and it's an effort to modernize the brand. It includes chocolates for an "adventurous" palate. I'll be curious what you have to say about them. I believe you're also getting an Elvis Valentine tin just because I think they are cool.

Good luck-

Thanks again Cari this is above and beyond what I expected. Readers- Remember Russell Stover's next Valentine's Day. And Cari? Maybe you can get Russell Stover's to make a Singles Awareness Day chocolate box for those among us who aren't paired up.

Pictures will be posted as soon as the chocolates arrive.

Nintendo Part 1

So, if anyone has a Wii, you know that finding accessories for it is close to impossible. I figured I might see if Nintendo could fix that for me.

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